ONE - I Will, I Won't, I Want: What Willpower Is, and Why It Matters. TWO - The Willpower Instinct The Willpower Instin The Art of Work: A Proven Path to. Download Steven Pressfield Do the Short Description. Download Steven Pressfield Do the This book was Seth Godin's idea. He had made a deal with to publish a series of short books and he asked me to write one. The first one I showed.

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You don't want to end up like the speaker in Primo Levi's poem, don't you? If so, “ Do the Work.” Or read Steven Pressfield's book and learn how. Steven Pressfield Do the - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Editorial Reviews. Review. Product Description: Could you be getting in your way of producing great work? Have you started a project but never .

Seth rejected it. Here are three Resistance points that everybody faces on every project: 1 Before you begin.

It takes guts to pull the trigger on a new idea. Resistance tells us over and over, This is a lame idea, you are a loser, you can never pull this off, etc. The notorious Second Act Horrors.

You feel like Columbus halfway across the Atlantic. Resistance loves this point.

Steven Pressfield Do the Work .pdf

I had a dear friend, an experienced writer with a number of successes behind him, who had written his Big Book. It was done.

He had it in a box ready to ship to his editor. Do the Work Now. Reflect on It Later.

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Facing the Big Crash You are the Knight. Even at 75, Henry Fonda supposedly threw up before every stage performance!

However, you can beat Resistance. However, the problem — says Pressfield, one of their peers so, he should know — is fairly simple.

While carpenters for example would never mistake thinking about making a chair for work, writers will. And they do. Even though they should not.

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They should simply start putting words on paper. Because even thinking about them later will result in editing.

Thus, more work! Thinking about the resistance of the blank piece of paper, however, will result in nothing but more resistance! Facing the Big Crash It will inevitably come.

No matter what you do or how much you prepare for it, the Big Crash will one day appear at your doorstep. It may be a technical glitch, burned manuscript, a family problem — you name it! However, the good news is — knowing about it will help you overcome it. Look at it this way — if you wanted it badly before the Big Crash, now you should want it even more badly!

Like this summary? Click To Tweet The opposite of fear is love - love of the challenge, love of the work, the pure joyous passion to take a shot at our dream and see if we can pull it off.

Our work is to find it. Click To Tweet A work-in-progress generates its own energy field. You, the artist or entrepreneur, are pouring love into the work; you are suffusing it with passion and intention and hope.

Learn more and more, in the speed that the world demands.The starving artist is not inherently noble. How about the failure of the League of Nations?

Pressfield suggests muses and angels are real beings that act through us.

Most of the former deal with historical subjects, mostly taken from Ancient Greek history. And the ebook version I read was poorly laid out to the point I thought I had a defective copy.

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